Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of critical questions people have been asking about Natrendo. All our answers here are truth and up-to-date.

Where Is Natrendo Located?

Natrendo is from Nigeria. But we virtually operate from different locations around the world.

How secured Is user's data on Natrendo?

From our end here, we do our best to maintain best and standard security in order to protect each user's data from time to time. However, we still can't guarantee a total security. We advise all users to make sure their accounts are secured by using strong password. It will be wise if they keep their login credentials (username and passwords) out of reach of other people. In addition to this, we urge all users to avoid following untrusted links that anyone may be asking them to click on in order to win a or some prizes.

Is Natrendo Being Sponsored By Government?

This question has been crawling around since the birth of Natredo. The question comes in different forms but the answer will ever remain NO! Natrendo is not sponsored by anyone, either government, private organisations or any individual. If, at anytime, the will be such thing, it will be made public for all users to know about it.

Who Finances Natrendo?

The first time this question was asked, the enquirer wanted to know if Natrendo is owned or governed by someone unknown order than the known founder. The answer is, Natrendo is squarely funded by the owner, not a third party or any unknown entity. To be clearer, Natrendo is owned and financed by one person, not a group of people or in collaboration with any person or organization.

Does Natrendo Work For The Government?

No, Natrendo works for all users. The moment a user signs up by agreeing to our Terms of Use, we become one. Henceforth, Natrendo is at the users' service. Actually, this question was first asked by someone who wanted to know if there is a way Natrendo works as spy for the government to track users' activities on the platform. But, No! Users' privacy is our priority at Natrendo. However, if there is a reason a user's data should be handed over to the government or any third party for any reasonable purpose, such user will be notified of the action and why we will have to do it.

Why Must I Verify My Account On Natrendo?

Verification of account is never a-must. But the verification is important so we can be assured that we are housing real users. We offer real service. So we want it to go to real users.

If you don't verify your account, you will still be able to use our platform. But we are sorry, we will not trust your existence under the name you are using on our platform and we will not encourage any user to trust you.

Why Do I Have to Verify My Account Again On Natrendo After The First Verification?

To be straight up, verification is part of our security measure. If after you have verified you account, you changed your name (or username), you will have to apply for account verification again.

Please note that you may be asked to explain why you need to change your name from the one you were using. If we are satisfied with your reasons, you will get your account verified again. Otherwise, your account will forever remain unverified. We therefor advise you to apply for your first verification with your real name.

What Is The Pro Package All about

The pro package is our premium service. Each plan of the pro package gives users the chance to use our premium service.