About natrendo.com

1- Natrendo

Natrendo is a social media platform for the people of the world It was created with the needs of users at heart. On our platform, users are free to register and start trending without any delay.

One of the main purposes of Natrendo is to connect people and give them freedom of expression without bias. We believe this is one of the fundermental social media user rights so we are giving it is a social way.


2- What You can Do on Natrendo

Since Natrendo grows every day, it is not easy to list all that can be done on the platform. But few we can list are

  • Post Trending
  • Post Retrending
  • One-on-One Message; audio and video calls
  • Group Message; audio and video calls,
  • Blogging
  • Fund Raising
  • Money Transfer
  • Story Trending
  • Live Streaming
  • Products and Services Listing
  • Job Listing, etc,.

3- Categories of Users on Natrendo

Basically, there are free and premium users on Natrendo. If not for features, both categories enjoy the same benefits on Natrendo (in terms of supports, freedom and connectivity.

Free User

Free user is anyone using Natrendo without subscribing to any of our premium packages. There is no limitation to numbers of message that the user can send or receive, no call-time or post limitation.

Premium User

This is the category of user who has subscribed to one of our premium packages. This category of users enjoy some features that are not avaiable for free users. Click here to read more about our premium packages and benefits.

4- Verify User Badge

Verify user badge serves as a symbol of verification that the verified account truly belongs to the real person whose name appears on the account. Verified users enjoy benefits and credibility status as a result of trust from other users. Apart from this, only verified users can raise fund, or receive payment from other users. This is based on our understanding that when it involves money, it involves life. We, therefore, only entrust monetary aspects of our platform with whom we have verified.

Account Verification Process

This is a simple and straight process: users only need to submit their passport photograph and a government-issued identification card that bears their name as they have it on their accounts.

Our verification team will manually vet all requests thoroughly and will decide whether an account is eligible to be verified given the badge or not.

Who Can Be Verified


Before applying for account verification, please makesure you have, at least, 50 followers and you are following up to 30 users and  50 posts on you account.